Graphics, Exhibition, Visualisations
client: A&DS
Role: graphic designer, concept development, visualisations
These visualisations were produced in response to the tender for A&DS’s ‘Housing to 2040’ exhibition, which they describe as such:
‘A portable travelling exhibition will be taken around Scotland to reach out to communities, from urban to rural and island locations, providing a public platform for everyone to engage in the conversations about housing and places of the future.  It will be supported digitally to enable remote engagement.  People of all ages and backgrounds from across Scotland will be able to share their lived experience, and provide their local perspectives about their homes, their communities and their aspirations.’

Exhibition concept image
icecream architecture developed a proposal for an interactive, tactile approach to the exhibition based around a number of relevant themes. I worked as a concept developer for the tender and created all graphics and visualisations for the submission. We were invited to present our proposal and were praised for the playful style of the concepts and visualisations. 
The visualisations were created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Exhibition concept image
Exhibition and theme concepts
From an exhibition content infographic
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