Interpretation, Facilitation, Workshop Design, Curation
Master’s project
Role: designer, facilitator, curator​​​​​​​
What Do You Think? was a research project, series of workshops and exhibition which I designed and facilitated in 2018. It explored cognitive engagement with artworks through interactive experiences. In the workshops, the works of four diverse artists were exhibited and participating members of the public were encouraged to respond through creative creative interpretations over the course of two workshops. In these workshops, participants were invited to engage with four different activities; each activity corresponded to a different artwork. 
The interactive experiences were open-ended but also reflected the themes and concepts of the artist’s work. The participants were encouraged to respond through certain methods but based upon their own experiences. The idea was not to instruct a person how they must look at an artwork, rather it was to accommodate interactions that offer particular channels of thinking and produced physical results.
Workshop participant
Video of workshops and resulting exhibition (this video has no sound)
Ashley Dudley Smith's 'Bowie and Wonder woman' (2015) and responses
Alice Brown's 'The Big City Dreamscape' (2017/18) and responses

Emma Drye's 'Leave The Capital' and responses

Lachlan Mcfeely Bolt's 'Come On' and responses

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